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How your Gifts Make a Difference

Why Are Private Gifts Necessary?

Since its beginning, individual donors, local businesses, corporate and private foundations, collaborative community partners, and volunteers have been a source of strength to CYS, providing leadership and advocacy as well as vital gifts and grants.  Historically, however, the majority of CYS’s operating funds have come from government fees for services performed.  Today, though, CYS operates in an environment of decreasing federal, state, and local reimbursements.  Like other charities in our community and across the country, CYS is feeling a budget squeeze as critical changes eats into government finances and forces cutbacks in money for social services and other causes.  Finances are likely to be even tougher in the future.  If the funding ends or is cut severely, programs and projects can disappear.  We could not only lose desperately needed programs, but also lose knowledgeable, talented, and dedicated members of our team.  This can cause incalculable damage to children and youth who need more help, not curtailed services.

Your tax-deductible gifts enable Community Youth Services to continue to expand our services to youth, to add new programs, upgrade existing ones, purchase new equipment, and move ahead in various ways beyond normal operations and maintenance. Because CYS needs to work in an organized fashion, unrestricted gifts are more useful, as they can be used where needed most.

You will find examples throughout this section of how your gifts can help CYS, whether a gift is large enough to take care of a purchase or is directed to an ongoing program, such as Haven House or Rosie’s Place. When in doubt as to the best purpose for your gift, please contact Megan Lobdell, at (360) 918-7844, or click here to email.

Community Youth Services has long relied on community support to assist in keeping our programs strong and vital. It is because of the community’s commitment and steadfast support that we are able to offer all our services and help high-risk young people become productive, responsible adults.

We sincerely thank you for supporting Community Youth Services and for recognizing that an investment in our youth is an investment in the future of our community!


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