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How your Gifts Make a Difference

Your tax-deductible gifts enable Community Youth Services to continue to expand our services to youth, to add new programs, upgrade existing ones, purchase new equipment, and move ahead in various ways beyond normal operations and maintenance. Because CYS needs to work in an organized fashion, unrestricted gifts are more useful, as they can be used where needed most.

However, you will also find examples throughout this section of how restricted gifts can help CYS, whether a gift is large enough to take care of a purchase or is directed to an ongoing program, such as Haven House or Rosie’s Place. When in doubt as to the best purpose for your gift, please contact Stephen Rousseau, at (360) 918-7844, or click here to email.

Ways To Donate

Community Youth Services has long relied on community support to assist in keeping our programs strong and vital. It is because of the community’s commitment and steadfast support that we are able to offer all our services and help high-risk young people become productive, responsible adults.

We sincerely thank you for supporting Community Youth Services and for recognizing that an investment in our youth is an investment in the future of our community!

Cash Donations

Most important to our giving program are cash gifts, which help us meet increasing operational expenses and maintain a high ratio of support staff. Donate Now ›

Double Your Gift

Many employers will match your charitable donations. Please check with your Human Resources office for details and instructions.

Non-Cash Donations

In-kind gifts such as clothing, household goods, bus passes, gift certificates, non-perishable food items, and professional services are always welcome; they help to supplement our programs for high-risk youth and families

NOTE: Please call ahead before bringing items to ensure space availability.

NOTE 2: We request that items be donated in bags or boxes as loose items are difficult to store.

Click here for more non-cash donation ideas.

Car Donations

Donate your car, boat, truck, RV, Jet Ski or snowmobile to Community Youth Services and receive a tax deduction.  This a no cost, no hassle process that begins when you contact our fundraising partner, Donation Line LLC, at 877-227-7487.  Make sure to ask for extension 1229. Or you can click here.

Occasion Donations

Occasion Donations are an innovative way to honor, thank, and remember the people you care about while helping vulnerable children, teens, and families in our community.

Make an Occasion Donation to celebrate the holidays or recognize birthdays, milestones, and special achievements. It is also a gracious expression of gratitude, or a meaningful memorial for someone who has cared deeply about youth.

By giving where it is most needed with Occasion Donations, your gift will make an important difference in young peoples’ lives, and be truly appreciated. 

Please click here for more information about Occasion Donations.

Planned Giving

Thank you for considering Community Youth Services as a charitable beneficiary in your estate plans! 

Planned gifts such as charitable trusts and bequests are excellent ways to provide income to CYS while offering the donor significant tax benefits. Some provide payments to the donor for life or for a period of years. Upon your request, your planned gift can be directed to the CYS Endowment Fund (described below), which will provide an annual income stream to support CYS and its various programs well into the future.

If you would like to support our work through your will, retirement account, insurance policy, or trust, we can work with you to ensure that your gift gets where you intend it to go and will be used as you wish. 

If you have already included CYS as a charitable beneficiary in your will, trust, or other estate planning tool, please let us know about your arrangement. We can work with you or your attorney on the proper wording for all types of estate gifts.

Please click here to learn more about Community Youth Services' planned giving options. This can help you determine the giving mode that best fits your needs and preferences.

Endowment Gifts

If Community Youth Services is to fulfill its mission for the future, it will require a steady source of income in addition to government grants, foundation and corporate grants, and individual gifts.

To provide a means to generate long term gift support, CYS has established an Endowment Fund. Endowment funds are carefully invested for both growth and return, and are intended to provide permanent sources of income for the agency. The principal may not be spent, and only the earnings are to be used annually to help CYS carry out is mission.

Some individuals who are not able to give as much as they would like during their lifetime might choose to make a planned gift to help endow our programs. Others may give during their lifetime and in their estates.

Click here to learn more about Endowment Gifts and to read our Endowment Case Statement.

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